Footprints In The Sand

‘Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts and we our never ever the same.’

A beautiful quote and one that resonates with so many of us. Many people come into our lives and many people go but how many of those people have inspired you? Leaving lasting footprints.

Working in one of the oldest and most Iconic restaurants in London, The Ivy as a Maître’d first impressions are everything. In fact, lasting impressions for the guests is everything. Over 100 years old, the restaurant is steeped in history and famous for the many celebrities that have crossed it doors. When you come to The Ivy you already have an expectation and it is our job to ensure those expectations are not only met but exceeded. We want you to leave with a lasting impression.

However, regardless of your status, job title or salary from the moment you enter The Ivy you are treated the same. You are special.

This can be the same for anything in life that we do and the people that we meet on our journey. How many people have you met that has made a lasting impression on you? These are the people you remember, who have helped you, inspired you, supported you and encouraged you.

I have met many people on my journey who I can honestly say have inspired me in so many ways and I will be eternally grateful to not only have met them but to still have them in my life. My mother and father, family, friends, and colleagues. My lecturer Luane who still to this day I admire and respect for her ability to inspire so many young adults, myself included. My kickboxing coach Sean, who pushed me relentlessly to achieve my goals. The list is endless…. but they all have impacted my life positively.

How did they touch me? With kindness, empathy, love, and guidance. Little things, that have great significance.

Treat everyone you meet as you would be treated in The Ivy, that they are special. Life is a journey and true fulfilment comes from what we give in life and not what we receive. First impressions are wonderful but lasting impressions are forever. Be mindful of the people you meet, some will stay for a while and some will quickly go, the ones who touch our souls transform us and our hearts will never be the same.

‘Be somebody who makes everybody feels like somebody.’

Leave beautiful footprints wherever you go.

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